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Single point load cells

Single point load cells Brochure
SG-ASP6-B-... High precision single point load cell 0-300gm to 0-3kg capacities, 0.9mV/V output PDF logo
SG-PT1000-... Low cost single point load cell 0-3kg to 0-250kg capacities, 2mV/V output, 0.5m or 1m 4-core cable PDF logo
SG-PT2000-... Low profile single point load cell 0-5kg to 0-100kg capacities, 2mV/V output, 2m 4-core cable PDF logo
SG-PT3000-... High capacity singlepoint 0-50kg to 0-635kg capacities, 2mV/V output, 3m 4-core cable PDF logo

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