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Large Digit Displays
Load/Pressure/Level measurement

These large digit displays take a 4-arm mV/V type of input from a load cell, pressure or level sensor. If your transducer has an analog output (4-20mA or DCV) please go to the analog instrumentation range here

4 wire or 6 wire strain bridge/load cell/pressure transducer input Brochure Manual
LD-WT 4 or 6-wire load cell, strain bridge, pressure sensor etc input PDF logo38,45,57 or 58mm displays
PDF logo100mm displays
PDF logo200mm displays
PDF logo
LE5-LR 4 or 6 wire crane/hoist AS2550 logging display PDF logo PDF logo
ADDENDUM Manual Addendum (for analog & serial output options) PDF logo
LD Accessories Brochure
SHROUDS Shroud Assemblies for Large Digit Displays PDF logo

Pressure/Level Transducers
Load Cell/Strain sensors
PDF logoLoad cell system fault finding guide
Other Load/Weighing Products