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DIN Rail Mount Monitors
3-wire Slidewire (potentiometer) Inputs

Setup details for output options are now in separate manuals. If an option is installed in your instrument, download the appropriate base manual and the appropriate options manual.

3-wire Slidewire (potentiometer) input Brochure Manual
RM4-IV Single input, Slidewire, DCmA or DCV PDF logo PDF logo
RM4-IVT Single input, Slidewire, DCmA or DCV with totaliser functions PDF logo PDF logo
RM4-LN Single input, Slidewire, DCmA, DCV with 50 point lineariser PDF logo PDF logo
ADDENDUM ADDENDUM Manual for RM4 Options (all PM4 Models) PDF logo
3-wire Slidewire Transmitter/Isolator Brochure Manual
RM3-SW 2-wire loop powered isolator/transmitter 1, 2, 3 or 4 channel models available PDF logo PDF logo

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